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About Galeria Olimp

Galeria Olimp is a shopping and entertainment centre located in the northern part of Lublin, being one of the largest facilities of this type in the region of Lublin. In the area of ​​nearly 110 thousand m2, 260 commercial premises and service outlets, including 200 stores, 30 restaurants and cafes, over 20 service and entertainment outlets, as well as a LEROY MERLIN construction and decorative hypermarket, MEDIA EXPERT electro-market, Carrefour Market, Biedronka supermarket, and Multikino cinema multiplex.

This unique place is where you can go shopping in fashionable shops and meet the best urban entertainment. Appropriate selection of shops ensures a wide offer for every age range. In the relaxation and entertainment zone you can find 8 screen cinema multiplex, bowling, billiards, snooker, dance studio, go-kart track, gym, and the largest entertainment centre in the city for children. The shopping centre also offers a whole range of services: beauty studios, hairdressers, florists, banks, insurance, multimedia and laundry, tailor shop, pharmacy, shoemaker. The diverse menu of food court zones (restaurant gardens) favours spending free time here with friends and family, in a unique atmosphere emphasized by the elegant interior design.

Thanks to well-connected space both outside and inside our shopping centre, and nearly 2,000 parking spaces, Galeria Olimp is visited by many customers every day. You can easily get here by public transport, car or bicycle. You can park your car in a convenient, free multi-storey car park or a car park around the Gallery.

The shopping centre is located by the trunk road No. 19, connecting Lublin and Białystok, which is also the main access road from the north of Lublin, in the immediate vicinity of the city’s largest housing estates. Galeria Olimp’s impact covers over 380,000 residents of Lublin and the Lublin voivodship . The total area of ​​260 retail outlets located on 4 levels is nearly 60,000 m2, of which 2,000 m2 are occupied by office space.

Our history

The history of the company dates back to 1957, when it started its activity as PTSB TRANSBUD Lublin dealing in specialized transport and transloading of building materials.
In 1994, it transformed into a limited liability company and took the name: Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowo – Usługowo-Transportowe TRANSHURT. The first wholesale market in Lublin named
‘Na Górce” was created in the area belonging to this company in 1992, gathering about 500 local wholesalers and retailers from various industries.

After seven years, it was decided to change the company’s image and use its properties better. The first step was the adaptation of buildings and rooms for the activities of Centrum Motoryzacyjno – Techniczne CMT – the largest and only complex of this industry in Poland. There were about 80 companies related to the automotive sector, including warehouses and stores with spare parts, service and diagnostic stations, vehicle control station and car wash within a total area of 8,000 sqm.

OLIMP Shopping Centre debuted in October 2000 at Spółdzielczości Pracy street. The first facility, which has 10,600 sqm, has 60 companies representing well-known clothing, footwear and cosmetics brands. Attractive offer, high quality of service, convenient access and a large parking lot contributed to the interest of customers and subsequent investments.

The shopping centre was expanding in 2003 and 2005, becoming the largest shopping centre in Lublin. After three stages of expansion, the Gallery had nearly 20,000 sqm, it housed around 140 commercial and service companies representing the best brands of clothing, footwear, cosmetics, interior design and many other industries.

In 2007, another extension of Galeria Olimp took place. Construction of a new, largest shopping centre facility in Lublin has begun in the plot on the southern side of the complex. The investment was completed in mid-2009. As a result, the fourth part of Galeria Olimp was created, comprising four floors, including two underground ones. Its total area is almost 65,000 sqm. The southern part, called Olimp IV, was connected to the existing Galeria Olimp facilities, with a glazed connector above ul. Magnoliowa forming one coherent whole with them.

Galeria Olimp gained a new part in November 2013, which was created in the northern zone of the complex. The construction of the facility began in 2012, in the area of ​​the former Automotive and Technical Centre. The facility has 18,000 sqm of the surface and covers three floors, connected directly with the central section passages at each level.

The main purpose of this part of the Gallery is the entertainment function. Multikino is the most important element of the offer. This is the first cinema multiplex in Lublin to be in this network. A spacious food court zone has been created with a rich gastronomic offer, next to the cinema, on the first floor level.

The entertainment offer of the shopping centre has also been enriched by the Masters sports and entertainment club with a restaurant section. Right next to that there is the largest goat entertainment centre in Lublin. Both points operate at the second floor of the shopping centre.

Facilities of Galeria Olimp

Galeria Olimp consists of several interconnected objects, forming one whole. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to move around the whole centre without leaving the building. Each part has its unique character, related to its offer.


One-story, central part of the Galeria Olimp by the main car park near the Mc Donald’s restaurant. The building with a characteristic fountain is the first facility to function as Galeria Olimp, founded in 2000. In this part you can find, above all, the offer of clothing and footwear stores in small, cozy boutiques. This part also includes Sinsay and an Action. There are also the LE VAN Oriental Restaurant, the Rybarbar Fish Restaurant. There is an office part on both sides of the building, on the first floor. The largest haberdashery in the city is located in this part of the shopping centre. Insurance Market and the shopping centre’s Administration also have their headquarters here.


A two-story building connected to the newest part of the centre. It is characterized by the offer of women’s fashion boutiques (Fashion Freak, Olmar, OlimpII, De Facto ) underwears and swimwears (Triumph, LaVantil, Gatta). The largest of the boutiques in this zone are Top Secret (women’s and men’s soft office fashion and the Dream Collection suits on the first floor. There is also an Arrakis store and computer service. On the ground floor level there is a Central Park Cafe and Customer Service Office open during the shopping centre’s opening hours.


The three-story structure located on the west side of the centre with communication facilities in the form of an elevator and escalator. The same as in case of the neighboring part, there are women’s and men’s fashion boutiques (Green Point,  Verima, Franco Feruzzi). On the first floor level there are Esotiq and as well as the Hera Home glass and porcelain showroom. The flower shop named Impresja is also located here. On the top floor you can find the restaurant part where Matsu Sushi & Matsu Wok and the Indian restaurant Rani operate.


The largest part of Galeria Olimp located on the south side of the shopping complex. It includes three commercial levels, an underground car park and a multi-storey car park with five floors.

The object is connected with other parts of the shopping centre, a spacious, glazed connector integrating it with other parts of the centre.

The Leroy Merlin building and decoration hypermarket is located on the lowest of the commercial levels. Above that, two levels of the shopping centre are located with a wide range of clothing, footwear, interior design, health and beauty, and services.
A characteristic feature of the largest part of this shopping centre is the wide offer of fashion boutiques for a diverse group of recipients. Women’s fashion is represented by Tommy Jeans / Calvin Klein, Armani Exchange, Versace, Unisono, Max Mara, Bialcon, Monnari, Flash Moda. The offer for men is also very wide, especially in the official fashion segment. It is offered by Giacomo Conti, Bytom, Kubenz, Vistula and Wólczanka salons. Brands offering casual style are also represented in large numbers. Reserved, Kappahl, House, and sports – 4F . The most important showrooms with footwear and leather goods are Kazar, CCC, Wojas, Visconi and Venezia. Coccodrillo and Reporter Young children’s boutiques are also located in this part of the centre. Jewelry, accessories and accessories can be found in Apart, W. Śliwiński, Yes, Briju, Amazona, KM Gold and at the Portofino stand. Health and beauty offer can be found in Sephora Perfumery, Natura, Rossmann and corridor stands, among others Flower Nails and Neo Nails. The offer is complemented by service outlets (e.g. Orange, Plus GSM, T-Mobile, Play, ITAKA Travel Agency, Laundry, Insurance Services, Watchmaker, currency exchange, shoemaker and Bank Millenium.

The gastronomic industry is also widely represented. On the first floor there is a spacious restaurant area with the Subway and Williams confectionery.

The shopping centre also has the Empik Multimedia Salon. On the lowest floor, next to the underground parking, there is also the largest Cartmax karting track in Lublin.


The latest part of Galeria Olimp operates since November 2013. It is located on the north side of the shopping complex. The three-storey centre facility has primarily entertainment purpose and family offer. Multikino is the most important element of the offer of this part of the centre. This is the first cinema multiplex in this network in Lublin. Viewers can take advantage of eight comfortable movie theatres, equipped with digital projectors that allow 3D projections, with the latest sound system. The cinema has space for 1200 people, the largest Hall can seat up to 300. In this part of the gallery there are also:  Masters sports and entertainment club, with tables for billiards and snooker, bowling tracks, the largest in Lublin Koziołek Entertainment Centre for Children.

Also in this part at the first floor level, a spacious food court zone was created with a rich gastronomic offer. There are Megustas Mexican Restaurant, Erbil Doner Kebab, Deliziosa Pizza, Cukiernia Williams, Szwejk. A significant part of the space was occupied by a sports shop-Factory Outlet.

On the ground floor level there is the Jysk, Biedronka Supermarket, Media Expert, a bike shop, Rossmann drugstore, Pepco, Ziaja, Teletorium, Roma Salonik Dobrego Smaku i Aromatu, and a currency exchange office.